Internal Ethics & White Collar Investigations

There may come a time in an organization’s existence when something goes wrong — sometimes really wrong. If an employee, executive, director, contractor, or other affiliate commits misconduct, the incident may expose the organization to financial or criminal liability. The event may become a breaking news story for every news outlet and social media feed.

Internal Investigations

Adverse events happen, no matter how careful, complete, or rigorous a company’s oversight, handbooks, and operating procedures. Commonplace examples include an employee using the company credit card for personal purchases, a supervisor harassing a subordinate, an employee hurt on a construction site, an executive committing insider trading, or someone violating OSHA, FDA, FDIC, FEC, FAR, FINRA, or any of the hundreds of other federal, state, and local agency regulations.

If something goes wrong, your company, brand, livelihood, and future are on the line. You need to know what happened and be on top of the events, so when the world knocks on your door, you have answers. Having the most complete and accurate answers mitigates criminal, civil, and tort liabilities, as well as social pain and embarrassment.

Quickly recognizing and investigating the allegations before outside organizations (and government agencies) get involved allows you to take immediate and appropriate action, get “ahead of the narrative”, and avoid surprises. In the rare case the misconduct was egregious or criminal, having an independent, complete, and thorough investigation to provide to law enforcement or an oversight agency gives that agency evidence to support recommendations against organizational penalties, fines, and litigation.

Our Experience

The attorneys at MNB Meridian Law have defended against and prosecuted hundreds of internal investigations into employee misconduct, financial crimes, sexual assault and harassment allegations, and organizational-wide matters that were the focus of public attention for months.

The crucial key to successful investigations is taking proactive measures to understand what happened as quickly as possible. Using that information, your organization can take appropriate, legally defensible, and unbiased action based on established laws, regulations, and company policies and procedures. Only then can you have comfort in knowing your assets are protected and liability minimized. MNB Meridian Law attorneys can help you get there.

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What We've Done

Army Warrant Officer Receives Unanimous Decision from the ABCMR

Army Warrant Officer was accused of a sexual assault in a restaurant restroom. Army Criminal Investigation Division conducted a clumsy and partial investigation that substantiated the allegations against the Warrant Officer. As a result, the Warrant Officer was issued a Memorandum of Reprimand and had his security clearance suspended, which resulte…

Former Army Specialist and Medical Evaluation Board

An Army Specialist had a significant history of mental illness including short-term hospitalizations for schizophrenia. The command initiated a Medical Evaluation Board. After the Soldier was found smoking “spice” in the barracks stairwell, Army Criminal Investigation Division and command investigators determined, despite the mental health hist…

Army Reserve Major (P) and Army Civilian Security Clearance Revocation

The Officer became addicted to opioids after three successive serious injuries over the course of two years. A Second Lieutenant in the Major’s Army civilian office suspected he was “snorting cocaine” at his desk during lunch. Army CID investigated and determined that the Major was taking unprescribed opioids (prescribed but in dosages differ…

Army Reserve Colonel Avoids Reprimand and Grade Determination Review Board

An Army AGR Colonel was investigated for allegations of unfair treatment of subordinates and that his actions contributed to a toxic work environment during the command’s transition back from full-time telework. Complainants alleged the Colonel was unfair in his assessment of their requests to remain on full-time telework or their medical request…

Former Army Reserve Major Pending Medical Evaluation Board

In 1985, the Major was exposed to radiation from a leaking microwave transmitter. The Officer developed endocrinological disorders and gained more than 100 pounds. He was treated by Army and civilian medical providers over the course of his active and reserve duty statuses, but later discharged due to his weight gain and other factors while pending…
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